Terms and Conditions of Hiring Dairy Studio


Revised 1 June 2020

1. The Venue - Dairy Studio Lewes

a)    In all correspondence, advertising, and publicity, users must refer to the venue as DAIRY STUDIO, Old Malling Farm, Lewes, BN72DY, this includes social media.

b)  The hirer will request that all persons stick to the 10mph speed limit while driving down the track.

c)  It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all their customers and users use the studio car park and that there is NO parking to the front of the premises at any time; this is reserved for the owners and the small studio users only. Maximum of 11 cars at any time.

d)   The small studio, the new timber building and the lower end of the courtyard and garden furniture are not open for use by hirers or their persons. It is a private area for Dairy Studio only and not to be used by hirers or participants at any time.

2. Venue Capacity

a) Under normal circumstances Dairy Studio  has a maximum overall capacity of 12  persons working at any one time and must not exceed this number. This means the total number of persons, including paying customers, tutors, models and hosts must not exceed 12 at any one time.

b)  Hirers must be aware that if numbers are seen to exceed the maximum capacity of 12 Dairy Studio will request that the permitted capacity is adhered to immediately.

3. Booking Procedure and Payment of Charges 

 a) Bookings can be made via email, telephone or in person and        must be confirmed in writing or by email. 

b)    Provisional bookings must be confirmed at least 28 days prior to the date of hire. 

c)    The Hire Agreement must be signed and returned to the studio before the first hiring of the Studio. 

d)    Time booked must include any setting up and packing away time - studio opens at 9.00 (not before) and closes at 5pm. Additional hours at a cost of £15 per hour.

g)    Fees are currently reviewed annually in September. Where there is an increase in charges any booking that is for a date or dates later than the date on which the revised charges come into effect will be charged at the new rate. 

4. Cancellation by the Hirer

For cancellations made prior to 28 days before the date of hire, any prepayment will be returned in full.

Cancellations 28 – 15 days prior to the date of hire shall be charged a 25% cancellation fee. 

Notice of cancellation given within 14 days or less shall be charged a 50% fee. 

5. Cancellation by Dairy Studio

Dairy Studio will accept the booking on the basis of the information supplied by the Hirer. 

a)    Should any of the information as to proposed use, maximum numbers of people or any relevant factor which was taken into account by Dairy Studio in considering the application for hire, be found not to be correct in all respects, then Dairy Studio reserves the right to cancel the booking. 

b)    If for reasons beyond the Studio’s control, Dairy Studio is unable to provide the facilities on the hire date, then the Dairy Studio shall cancel the booking, all hire charges shall be refunded, and that shall be the extent of the Dairy Studio’s liability. 

c)    Bookings will be cancelled with immediate effect if the hirer disregards the Conditions of Use and Hire.

d)    Bookings will be cancelled where the hirer has outstanding unpaid invoices of more than 60 days. 

e)    Dairy Studio reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time, giving as much notice to the Hirer as possible. 

6. Purpose of Hire, Equipment and Sub-Letting 

a)    The Hirer is not permitted to sub-hire or assign use of any part of the premises, nor is the hirer permitted to use any part of the premises not included in the hire agreement. 

b) Hirers must remind persons that they now need to provide their own equipment including drawing boards, clips or masking tape, palettes, rags, paints. There will be no communal or shared equipment available. 

c) Hirers will have the use of 10 easels, and 10 stools and will need to ensure that these are all wiped down before and after use every day with the spray and wipes provided.

7. Personal Injury 

a)    Dairy Studio accepts no liability for injuries sustained through unauthorised use of any facility or equipment in all areas of the premises.

b)  All users should ensure that they follow guidelines;

restrictions or instructions given, either verbally or in writing when using all areas of the Dairy Studio.

c)    The cost of making good any damage caused by a breach of the Conditions for Use and Hire shall be determined by the Dairy Studio, whose decision shall be final and such costs shall be payable by the Hirer within 14 days of being sent a written demand for payment. 

8. Health and Safety 

a) Hirers shall be responsible for the safety of all persons taking part in their activities when using the Studio. 

b) It is the Hirer’s responsibility to be covered by Public Liability Insurance. 

c) Where Hirers are running classes for paying clients they must send copies of their Professional Public Liability Insurance to the studio at the time of booking. The booking will not go ahead without a copy of this Insurance being up to date, and having been seen by Dairy Studio.

9. Loss of or damage to Hirers’ property

Dairy Studio accepts no liability for loss of, or damage to, the Hirers’ property or equipment within all areas of the premises. All users should ensure that they follow guidelines, restrictions or instructions given, either verbally or in writing when using the Studio and in all areas of the premises. 

10. Hire Agreement

Bookings are not confirmed until the Hire Agreement has been completed, agreed, signed and returned with the relevant details and information provided to Dairy Studio.

Specific to Covid 19

Further to this and in accordance with recent Government guidelines as of 1 June 2020:

a)  From 1st June 2020 and in the light of Social Distancing Dairy Studio  now has a maximum overall capacity of 6 persons working outside at any one time and must not exceed this as per the Government recommendations. This means the total number of persons, including paying customers, tutors, models and hosts must not exceed 6 at any one time. This number will be reviewed according to Government guidelines regularly as and when changes are made.

b) Hirers may use the main studio toilet facility and any part of the outdoor areas available to the hirer, their persons may not work inside the studio until Government Guidelines permit.

c) Hirers will ensure that no one coming, or being allowed by the hirer to come, to the studio if they have displayed any COVID 19 symptom in the previous 14 days or been in contact with anyone who has.

d) Hirers are responsible for ensuring that the studio remains set up and managed throughout the duration of the hire in a way in which all persons are able to Socially Distance and can be 2 mt apart at all times. Dairy Studio has made individual work stations with clear floor markings which must be adhered to when allowed to work inside.

e) Dairy Studio requests hirers to facilitate persons to work side-by-side or back to back and avoid facing one another.

f) Hirers will verbally and in writing encourage all persons to regularly wash hands and follow recommended hygiene guidance and to provide and regularly use their own hand sanitiser.

g) Dairy Studio will provide hand sanitiser, hand soap and disposable paper towels in the toilet which can be placed in the bin provided after use. (Not to be used as painting rags please)

h) Dairy Studio will provide cleaning spray and wipes; Hirers will request that all persons spray, wipe and clean the toilet area, handles and tap before and after using the toilet facility. This is to protect themselves and other users.

i) Hirers will frequently clean the door handles, taps, toilet, using the wipes and sprays provided by Diary Studio.

j) Hirers will ensure that all persons bring their own refreshments, mug and any equipment for eating or drinking. The kitchen is not available for anyone to use at the time of writing.

k) Dairy Studio is being responsible and proactive in following and adhering to guidelines to protect all studio users and to help prevent the spread of the virus and accepts no liability for anyone who does not comply with these measures .

l) Dairy Studio accepts no liability for hirers or their persons in the event of any accident or resulting ill health.