Once a month throughout the year we will venture out to make working drawings that can be taken back into the studio and developed into paintings. Bring a decent size skechbook, or a bundle of paper, water based inks, watercolours, charcoal,  pastels (cheap ones as they get lost) ect. Note shorter sessions in winter!
The aim will be to work quickly and spontaneously, responding to the landscape; not to make finished paintings. 

Fri 22 February 10.00-1.00 £26 - Clothed Figure - in the studio

Fri 29 March 10.00-12.00 £16 - Out and About

Fri 19 April 10.00-12.00 £16 - Out and About

Fri 31 May 10.00-1.00

Fri 26 July 10.00-1.00

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